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About us

BODYFLYING originally comes from America. A farmer built an airplane propeller into its grain silo, in order to enable first free flight. Thus a new trend sport was born, which the farmer at that time surely did not suspect.
Based on this idea we built our first mobile bodyflying facility in 1985 as our own product developement. After first experiences inquiries have followed and employments of the mobile facility in entire Europe (Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and Italy).Innumerable activities of our facility within Germany implicated the spread and the popularity of the sport.
In the beginning of the 90th even the up to then longest free flight, which ever humans made, took place in our facility. In the Guiness Book of Records a free flight from 46 minutes of duration was registered.

Air Power  -mobile-

In 1996 we built the first and still the only stationary bodyflying facility in Germany ... the AIR POWER ARENA in Hückelhoven. Here you can learn bodyflying and enjoy the feeling of the free flight after previous inquiry.
Both, the mobile as well as stationary facility, are certificated by german TÜV and have been planned and developed by ourselves.

Contact us and do not longer miss the opportunity to realize the dream of flying!
Air Power Arena

Development of Facilities

20 years experience in operation, optimization and development of bodyflying facilities qualify us as a competent partner for your planning!

We would be pleased to support you with our know-how and our capabilities in planning and development of new bodyflying facilities, whether as stationary system or as mobile facility, according to your desires and conceptions.
Air Power  Arena