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Air Power Arena!

Are you looking for something new, something which makes fun, something which everybody wants to experience once?
At Air Power Arena you can experience the feeling of flying at anytime.
A vertically oriented airstream with more than 180km/h moves your body "weightless" into the air. Beginners start with a teaching program and an instructor. For experienced "flyers" it´s easy to reach a height of several meters in the upward open windtunnel ("experts" reach 15 meters and more).

Air Power Arena


Bodyflying still ist a form of sport for everybody. Young or old, small or tall, light-weight or heavy, everybody is able to feel the weightlessness, the floating in airstream. The operating altitude and the degree of difficulty can be increased infinitely variable, allways with assistance of your instructor.
Flight equipment (flying suit, helmet, goggles, gloves) is provided, take casual wear and sport shoes with you. Because it's not
possible to wear glases under the goggles, contacts will be recommended. During a basic instruction you will learn all about
body position, hand signals and behavior in the wind tunnel and then you can start flying ...

Air Power  Arena



Obligatory basic instruction with instructor, duration about 45 minutes. Included is one flying session with the assistance of an instrucor .

50 €

Each further flying session

25 €

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Air Power Arena


Bodyflying brings Action and Fun for your Club

It's possible to rent the stationary Air Power Arena for a day or few hours. A lounge is available and we are able to offer complete catering.

Bodyflying - Action and Fun for your Club