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Air Power - mobile -

With Air Power -mobile- you can experience nearly everywhere and everytime the feeling of flying.

A vertically oriented airstream with more than 180km/h moves your body, with assistance of your instructor, "weightless" into the air. For experienced "flyers" it´s easy to reach a height of several meters ("experts" reach 15 meters and more).

Air Power - mobile -

This mobile outdoor facility is up to now unique in Europe.You can rent them on a day-to-day basis for incentives, public events, individual sport activities or product presentations.

The system is certificated bei german TÜV and has proved itself on various events and TV broadcasts at home and abroad (Great Britain, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and Italy).
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Requests for Booking

Booking is possible on day-to-day basis. The basic price amounts 5.600,00 Euro plus VAT, costs of journey and costs of accommodation if necessary. We will be pleased to submit you our offer.

Customisation in the required Corporate Design and Brandings for the facility and/or the flying suits could be done on special settlement.
Air Power - mobile -


The height of the mobile outdoor facility amounts to 7 m and it has a diameter of 9,5 m, the weight amounts to 8 t.
The delivery takes place via two trucks (7,5 t), an appropriate starting possibility up to the parking bay must be guaranteed.
The up and discharge time each amount to 3 hours.
The Air Power -mobile- is constantly supported by at least three technicians, beginners are assisted by an instructor in the flying area.
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