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Bodyflying, Bodyflight, Vertical Wind Tunnels (VWT), Indoor Skydiving, Free Fall Simulator ...!

A lot of names for a special kind of fun and extreme sport ...
... a new fabulous activity!

Bodyflying is a sport open to everyone. Young or old, small or tall, light-weight or heavy, everybody is able to feel the weightlessness, the floating in airstream.

For each kind of occasion we offer an individual program in the Air Power Arena, f.e. for incentives, public events, individual sport activities or fun sport within a group.


Mobile Outdoor Facility!!!

With our mobile outdoor facility we are able to offer you a private bodyfling arena right in front of your front-door. It´s a fabulous attraction for your corporate party or your public event, the
Air Power -mobile-.
Air Power - mobile-

You are looking for a special Idea for your Event?

It's possible to rent the stationary Air Power Arena for a day or few hours. A lounge is available and we are able to offer complete catering! Contact

Air Power Arena

An Idea for a Present!

Buy a dream for yourself or give away a voucher to your friends with a ticket of Air Power Arena.